de.mdc-berlin / pixel-to-mesh / 0.1.0

3D image mesh generator

Screenshot of a raw image next to the mesh generated from it and displayed using vtlplotlib.
Scikit based mesh generation from pixel data, either saved as STL file or displayed via vtkplotlib.
Solution written by
Deborah Schmidt


The input image (TIF, 3D, single channel). (default value: PARAMETER_VALUE)
The sigma of the gaussian blur applied before generating the mesh (optional). (default value: 0)
Threshold used before applying the gauss filter. If not provided, no threshold is performed (optional). (default value: PARAMETER_VALUE)
There value where background and foreground divide when the mesh is generated. If not provided, the average of min and max of the dataset is used (optional). (default value: PARAMETER_VALUE)
The voxel step size when generating a mesh from the volume (optional). (default value: 1)
The location where the output STL file is supposed to be stored at (for example /home/user/output.stl). In case this argument is not provided, the mesh will only be displayed. (default value: PARAMETER_VALUE)

Usage instructions

Please follow this link for details on how to install and run this solution.